About VB

We are two friends, an ex-Springbok rugby player and an international rugby physio, who have teamed up after a few years travelling the world to start this new venture on the road to a more conscious way of living.

Both our wives have been on a "meat reduction" journey for the last couple of years and as South African men who have been brought up with braais, boerewors and biltong, we resisted change and initially didn't give a plant based diet a second thought. Over time though, certain stories and facets regarding the benefits of plant based nutrition started making sense in our own minds and we started questioning what and why we ate what we did. The most significant point in our journey was attending the Fry's AGM in Durban, where we were privileged to listen to a number of speakers, including the co-founder, Wally Fry, who echoed a number of key reasons to live more consciously and to tread more lightly on the earth.

However you look at it, a plant based diet is better for your health, your family's health and for the world's health. If we could all make small changes then even our great, great grandchildren would benefit!

We started the Vegetarian Basket in order to make tasty vegetarian and vegan products more accessible to more people in a convenient and cost effective way. We love the products that we sell and we know that you will too!

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